Unleashing Musical Magic: Exploring Instruments at Music Centre Sharjah


Music has a magical way of touching our hearts and souls, and what better way to introduce kids to this enchanting world than through a hands-on exploration of musical instruments? At an established Music Centre Sharjah like LaVita, every child has a unique connection with music, and by providing them with the opportunity to explore various instruments, we open doors to a lifetime of creativity, self-expression, and joy. Join us as we embark on a musical journey, where young minds can discover the instrument that resonates with them the most.


The Musical Adventure Begins

The LaVita Music Centre Sharjah welcomes kids of all ages to embark on an exciting musical adventure. As they step into the vibrant studio, they are surrounded by the melodious sounds of different instruments, each telling its own story. Our experienced instructors are passionate about nurturing the love for music in young hearts and guiding them through the exploration process.


  1. The Piano: Gateway to Harmony

Our journey commences with the piano, often hailed as the “King of Instruments.” As kids lay their fingers on the keys, they experience the magic of producing a harmonious blend of notes. From twinkling melodies to thundering chords, the piano offers a range of emotions to explore. With gentle guidance, the young pianists learn the basics of reading sheet music and are soon playing simple tunes with confidence.


  1. The Guitar: Strumming Rhythms

At the LaVita Music Centre Sharjah guitar lessons enable kids to encounter the guitar, a versatile and popular instrument loved by many. They learn how to hold the guitar, pluck strings, and strum patterns. As they play their first chords, they realize the power of rhythm and the joy of creating melodies with their fingertips.


  1. The Drums: A World of Percussion

Next up is the drum kit, a powerhouse of rhythm and energy. The kids let loose their inner drummers, tapping away on the snare, toms, and cymbals. They discover how the beats blend to form the backbone of any musical composition, from rock to jazz to traditional music.


  1. The Violin: A Song of Elegance

The violin takes center stage, captivating young minds with its soul-stirring sound. Kids are introduced to the bow and the fingerboard, learning how to create both delicate and passionate melodies. They experience the beauty of classical music and the timeless elegance of this cherished instrument.


  1. The Flute: Dancing with the Wind

Finally, the flute beckons with its airy and ethereal tones. Children learn to produce sounds by blowing across the mouthpiece, creating music that dances with the wind. They experience the simplicity and grace of this instrument, often used to convey emotions and stories.


Musical Instruments: A Path to Enriched Learning and Well-being

Music has a remarkable impact on the young minds of children. Beyond its pleasant melodies and harmonies, engaging with musical instruments offers a multitude of benefits that contribute to their overall development. At the LaVita Music Centre Sharjah, we believe in the power of music to transform lives positively.


– Improved Listening and Concentration: Playing an instrument sharpens a child’s focus as they identify notes, rhythms, and nuances in music. This enhanced concentration benefits their studies and personal growth.


– Deeper Connection to Music: Learning an instrument fosters appreciation for the art, creating a profound emotional connection to songs they play and listen to, making music an integral part of their lives.


– Enhanced Academic Performance: Engaging with Music Centre Sharjah instruments has been linked to improved academics, with better problem-solving abilities and success in subjects like math and language.


– Stress Reduction and Emotional Well-being: Playing an instrument in guitar, drum or piano classes Sharjah provides an emotional outlet, helping children cope with stress, anxiety, and depression, bringing therapeutic relief and a sense of accomplishment.


– Cultivated Self-Discipline: Regular practice instills responsibility and self-discipline, making learning enjoyable as progress brings joy and satisfaction.


– Exposure to Diverse Cultures and Sounds: Exploring instruments introduces kids to different cultures, expanding their horizons and promoting global awareness.


– Enhanced Coordination and Motor Skills: Learning an instrument improves fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and overall motor dexterity.


– Positive Brain Development: Musical engagement stimulates brain areas responsible for memory, language, and executive functions, benefiting overall learning and development.


Discovering the Instrument of the Heart

Throughout this musical voyage full of engaging afternoon activities Sharjah, children are encouraged to follow their hearts and explore the instrument that speaks to them on a deeper level. While the piano’s melody offers comfort to some kids, others discover their enthusiasm in the vigorous strumming of the guitar. Some may discover the rhythmic heartbeat of the drums, while others may be enchanted by the violin’s soulful cries. And there are those who may find their voice in the tender notes of the flute at this experiential Music Centre Sharjah.


Benefits of Instrument Exploration 

Beyond the joy of making music, exploring various instruments offers numerous benefits for young minds:

  1. Enhanced Cognitive Skills: Learning to play an instrument stimulates brain development, improving memory, concentration, and problem-solving abilities.
  2. Boosted Self-Confidence: As children progress on their musical journey, their self-esteem grows, as does their belief in their ability to learn and achieve.
  3. Cultivation of Discipline: Practicing regularly and honing musical skills instill a sense of discipline and commitment in children.
  4. Expression of Emotions: Music becomes a medium through which kids can express their feelings and emotions, fostering emotional intelligence.
  5. Social Bonds: Collaborative music-making fosters teamwork, empathy, and cooperation as children play together and support one another.


Nurturing Musical Minds from the Start

Introducing children to the enchanting world of music through the exploration of various musical instruments is an investment in their holistic development. Beyond the joy of creating music, children experience improved listening, concentration, emotional well-being, and cognitive skills. They learn self-discipline, gain exposure to diverse cultures, and improve their coordination. Early exposure to music sets them on a path of enriched learning and equips them with valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.


At the LaVita Music Centre Sharjah, we are dedicated to nurturing musical minds and ensuring that children experience the transformative power of music on their education journey. Join us in this musical adventure and witness the magic that music brings to the lives of our budding musicians. Sign your kid up for guitar, piano, and singing classes Sharjah at info@lavitame.com or +971-6-526-82-92 and let the symphony of their dreams begin.