Reasons Why Your Kids Need These Afternoon Activities Sharjah During This Summer

The summer break in Sharjah is a time when children have ample free time on their hands. Engaging your kids in afternoon activities during this period not only keeps them occupied but also offers numerous benefits. From learning new skills to fostering creativity and providing social interaction, afternoon activities help children make the most of their summer. Today, we will explore the reasons why afternoon activities in Sharjah for kids during this summer is a great way to ensure they have a productive and enjoyable time.


8 Reasons Why Creative Afternoon Activities Sharjah Are Beneficial To Kids

As experts, we understand the importance of fostering a well-rounded development for our young ones. These afternoon activities Sharjah centres offer not only provide a fun and enjoyable experience but also serve as valuable opportunities for children to explore their artistic potential, develop essential skills, and unlock their imaginative prowess. Discover the incredible advantages that await our young ones through these engaging and enriching experiences:-


  1. Beat the Summer Heat: Sharjah summers can be scorching hot, making it challenging for children to spend time outdoors. Afternoon activities provide a safe and comfortable indoor environment where kids can stay active and engaged without being exposed to the extreme heat.
  2. Continued Learning: Summer break often leads to a learning gap, where children may forget some of the knowledge and skills they acquired during the school year. Afternoon activities Sharjah centres provide, such as art, music, or dance classes, help keep their minds stimulated and provide opportunities for continued learning and growth.
  3. Develop New Skills: Afternoon activities offer children the chance to explore new interests and develop valuable skills. Whether it’s learning to play a musical instrument, improving dance techniques, or honing artistic abilities, these activities provide a structured environment for skill development and personal growth.
  4. Foster Creativity and Self-Expression: Creative afternoon activities in Sharjah for kids, such as art, music, and dance, allow children to express themselves in unique and imaginative ways. Engaging in these activities during the summer encourages children to tap into their creativity, explore their passions, and develop a sense of self-expression.
  5. Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem: Participating in afternoon activities gives children a sense of accomplishment and boosts their self-esteem. As they learn and improve in their chosen activities, they gain confidence in their abilities and develop a positive self-image, which can have long-lasting benefits in various aspects of their lives.
  6. Social Interaction and Friendship: Afternoon activities provide opportunities for children to interact with peers who share similar interests. Engaging in group activities fosters social skills, teamwork, and the formation of new friendships. It can also help children build a sense of belonging and community.
  7. Structure and Routine: During the summer break, it’s essential to maintain some level of structure and routine to help children maintain a sense of normalcy. Afternoon activities provide a consistent schedule and routine, helping children maintain a healthy balance between leisure time and structured activities.
  8. Reduce Screen Time: With the prevalence of digital devices and screen time, it’s important to provide alternatives for children to engage in offline activities. Afternoon activities Sharjah offer a screen-free environment where children can focus on hands-on experiences and develop skills that do not rely on electronic devices.


Afternoon Activities in Sharjah for Kids’ Creativity and Skill Development

At La Vita Art and Music Centre in Sharjah, we offer a diverse range of afternoon activities to enrich the lives of children and provide them with an opportunity to explore their creative passions. Our dedicated team of experienced instructors is committed to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment where children can thrive and express themselves freely. Here are some of the afternoon activities in Sharjah for kids we offer at our centre:


a. Dance Classes:

We offer a variety of dance classes to cater to different interests and styles. From the elegance of ballet to the energy of HipHop and the vibrant moves of Indian dance, children can choose the dance form that resonates with them. Our dance classes not only teach technique and coordination but also promote self-expression and confidence through movement.

b. Music Classes:

For budding musicians, our music classes provide the perfect platform to develop their musical talents. We offer lessons in piano and keyboards, guitar, drums, and both Western and Classical vocal training. Our experienced music instructors guide students through the fundamentals of music theory, technique, and performance, allowing them to explore their musical creativity and grow their skills.

c. Art Classes:

Creativity knows no bounds at La Vita Art and Music Centre. Our art classes offer a range of workshops and projects to ignite the imagination and nurture artistic abilities. From drawing workshops where children can learn various techniques to art and crafts sessions that encourage experimentation with different materials, our art classes provide a space for children to discover their creative capacity and hone their abilities.


We believe that afternoon activities Sharjah art and music centres offer are not only a way for children to learn new skills but also an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. Our instructors are passionate about empowering children through the arts, fostering their confidence, and helping them develop a lifelong love for creative expression.


If you’re interested in enrolling your child in any of our afternoon activities, we invite you to contact us at La Vita Art and Music Centre Sharjah. Our dedicated team will be happy to provide further details and assist you in choosing the right program for your child’s interests and aspirations.


At La Vita Art and Music Centre, we are committed to nurturing the artistic talents of children and providing them with a platform to explore and flourish in the world of art, music, and dance. Join us and let your child embark on an enriching journey of creativity, self-expression, and personal growth. Contact us at +971-50-865-72-47 or


Making Summer Memorable with Afternoon Activities in Sharjah for Kids 

Engaging your kids in afternoon activities Sharjah summer camps offers ensures that they make the most of their time off from school. It provides a well-rounded and enriching experience, allowing them to learn, grow, and have fun in a structured and supportive environment. These activities offer a range of benefits, from learning new skills and fostering creativity to promoting social interaction and boosting confidence.


By providing your children with diverse and engaging opportunities, you set them on a path of growth, self-discovery, and personal development. Make this summer memorable for your kids by enrolling them in dance, music and drawing lessons Sharjah centres offer that cater to their interests and passions.