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In our Music center, kids are engaged in music with great pleasure, and high-class teachers contribute to this.

Learning music has no age limit. All you need is passion!

Strengthen the ability to focus and work

Music is like a conversation. One person says one thing that speaks with a harmonica, with a bass, with a drum. They’re all conversating, and we’re just trying to find a way to make conversation rather than blah, blah, blah. But it’s not really so hard a thing to do if you know the way to approach it.

The drum is considered one of the most ancient musical instruments because our ancestors played it tens of thousands of years ago.

 Nowadays, drums have not lost their relevance and are widely used in music as the main basic instrument.

 So why is learning to play the drums and taking music classes useful?


 To begin with, playing drums is just fun and helps to get rid of daily stress.  You throw out all your inner negativity, forget about current problems.  Yes, it takes a lot of effort and time to become a professional, but no one is forcing you to conquer the world stage – just play for fun and enjoy the process.


  As for Drumming for children, it is useful in that it helps to develop memory and improve overall academic performance.  This is especially true for mathematics, because the main thing a drummer has to do is count.



 The benefits of drumming are:

 Improving the immune system.

 From playing the drums, the benefits may lie not only in emotional release, but in a real therapeutic effect.

  When playing the drums, four limbs are involved at once, which make different movements.  Sitting down at the drum set, we get a real workout not only for our body, but also for the mind.  By the way, in our music center in Sharjah there are special drumming courses for adults, where you can learn the basics of this musical instrument.





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 Thanks to our highly professional teachers, your child and you will reach unprecedented heights, you will perform at various concerts, competitions, gain self-confidence, and also get unforgettable emotions.

 We prepare students in drum lessons for international exams in the London Trinity College system from the initial to the 8th grade.

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