practice — it’s the only way to improve and maintain your musical abilities

Why is the guitar is the best instrument?

The guitar is the best instrument simply due to versatility, cost, and the fact that because it’s a polyphonic instrument it can be played solo or accompanied by others. The guitar is the second most popular instrument in America.

Did you know?…

It has long been proven by leading experts that playing the guitar has a beneficial effect on the health of the whole organism. Scientists have found that while playing the guitar and listening, not only the organs of perception are involved, but the entire body as a whole.

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It is important to remember that in order to practice music, desire on the part of the student is necessary and it must be sincere.

Thanks to playing the guitar, as well as on another musical instrument, a person becomes more educated and intelligent. Suffice it to recall the history of great musicians: they were all well-bred people, adhered to the laws of ethics and morality. Without a doubt, this was influenced by their passion for music.

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A lot of people at least once thought that it would be nice to learn how to play the guitar. But few have thought about how useful it is and why you need to learn how to play the guitar.

Learning to play the guitar has its own specific methodology, which means that this process will introduce various interesting algorithms that contribute to the creative development of a potential musician.
Music classes, namely guitar lessons, in Sharjah develop fine and gross motor skills, as well as auditory, visual, tactile perception abilities.

It is very important to learn to play a musical instrument under the guidance of a teacher. Thus, the student not only learns new material, but also develops already acquired skills. The teacher closely monitors the success of the student, corrects mistakes, and encourages good work.

If you learn to play the guitar on your own, then no one disciplines you. Thus, a great responsibility falls on you: you must independently detect errors, analyze and correct them. Therefore, you will definitely need a highly qualified teacher with a higher education. As time goes by, there will be fewer and fewer mistakes in our center, you will correct them and pay attention to how you play. The attitude to the lessons themselves will change significantly, you will want to learn how to play better. Thus, you yourself, without noticing it, will become a professional.

Learning to play the guitar on your own will not work unless you want to do it. For example, parents force their child to attend guitar lessons. In this case, the child will do everything reluctantly, he will lack motivation, which means that the result will be almost imperceptible. Therefore, it is very important that the child enjoys the lessons.

We invite you to a free audition for guitar lessons. We accept children from 7-8 years old for guitar lessons. We also invite adults.
Thanks to our highly professional teachers, your child and you will reach unprecedented heights in music classes, perform at various concerts, competitions, gain self-confidence, and also get unforgettable emotions.
We prepare students in classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitar for international exams in the London Trinity College system from initial to grade 8.
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