fun and dancing – that’s what every child needs

Hip- Hop develops a sense of rhythm, learn to express themselves in music of a new generation. This direction is taught in the format of social dances, i.e. dances that you can use in life. A team of talented, experienced teachers will teach to dance any child!

dance of soul

Wild. Bright. Unique.

It is very difficult to stand still when you hear the fiery rhythms of hip-hop – bright, clear, springy, bouncing off the walls and the dance floor, penetrating deep into the soul and generating the desire to move.

Hip Hop classes in Sharjah

For some, hip-hop is just a dance, but for many others it is a way of self-expression, a way to show others who I am, how I see the world and what I aspire to! That is why hip-hop is so diverse and unique – every person is unique, and therefore his dance will be somehow special.

The lesson is based mainly on the classical structure:

  • introduction (greeting)
  • warm-up
  • explore movements for dance
  • staged work
  • the final part

The result of the program, Hip-Hop is:

  • knowledge and mastery of basic fundamentals dance
  • pupils awareness of the important role of dance in aesthetic the education of the individual
  • the willingness to take part in concerts, competitions, festivals and other cool events, city and regional level
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