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While no one ever really wants to sit down and practice — it’s the only way to improve and maintain your musical abilities. So, when it comes time to hit the bench and get to work, you may find yourself looking for a little bit of inspiration.

piano and keyboard classes in sharjah

The piano is one of the most popular instruments that not only helps to impress the audience, but also promotes relaxation, whether you are listening or playing by yourself.  Learning to play the piano is useful not only for children, but also for adults.  The piano has a positive effect on the development of movement coordination, the student learns to memorize information faster, develops perseverance and improves attentiveness, and all developed skills will remain with the child in the future.

 Classical music is very soothing.  And when young children begin to take piano classes , they begin to express their emotions through music, both during self-preparation and in public performances.  It is this self-expression that helps to calm down, relieves stress and promotes relaxation.  Playing the piano or keyboard increases confidence, boosts self-esteem, and improves your mood for playing and learning.

 Movement coordination is also one of the important aspects when learning to play the piano.  A child who attends music classes has good coordination of not only hands, but also eyes.  This helps him to play better and faster and learn new pieces.  Sometimes there are such works where it is necessary to play with two hands at a different pace, this forms the ability to quickly concentrate and focus on different things.

  A child who has mastered the piano or keyboard will find it easier to master another musical instrument.  After all, when playing the piano, the child learns the notes and forms of music, learns to understand them.

 Discipline is an important component of any activity, including playing the piano.  Young musicians from childhood understand what discipline is and become more organized.  The guys understand that only independent hard work can lead to results.

 We invite you to our Music centre in Sharjah to take a free assessment in order to choose what suits him best: a classical piano or a new generation – keyboard .

 With our highly professional teachers during music classes , your child will reach unprecedented heights in playing the piano or keyboard , will perform at various concerts, competitions, gain self-confidence, and also get unforgettable emotions.

 We prepare students in classical piano and keyboard for international exams in the London Trinity College system from the initial to the 8th grade.

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