About Us

We live in Sharjah – we love it.


We want to have a space that offers classes and allows our kids to run around and play with others.

We want to have a place to go for a change of scenery.

We also want a space where we can see some friendly adult faces and exchange experience with passion.​​

What does every parent looking for?

Safe, stimulating environment for a child and a relaxing environment for himself! 

Music centre Sharjah

We are proud and happy to offer you all these things and even much more.

During recent years we gave so many concerts by our Centre:

In May 2022 we Gave Annual year performance with our musicians in RAK Natures Treasure Open Stage.

In 2022 our ballerinas got 2nd and 3rd place in Dubai Dance and Music Competition in Mall of Emirates The Theatre.

In 2021 our singers got first prizes in Music Young Talent Competition 2021 (December) and Dubai Dance and Music Festival 2021 (November).

In December 2019, we participated in the Indywood Hunt talent competition. Our artists and pianists participated in this competition and entered the final. And the vocal student won and took the first place.

In November 2019, we won prizes in the Young Talent Music Competition, namely: our pianist and vocalist won the third place, and our singer and rock band won the second place. In December, we had a great performance at the Al Qasba outdoor venue.

In March 2019, we took part in the Al Majaz Sharjah in Dezi Carnival Festival, in April, our ballerinas (senior group) took second place in the Arabian Music Festival, and our keybord and piano students took third place and the vocalist took first place.

In 2018 we already managed to perform at such large-scale events as a Mosaic Festival in Ajman, made a wonderful record concert in Dubai Creek park (Childrens City).

We participated in Vocal festival Short and Sweet Voices 2017 and 2018, and in Dubai Music Festival 2018, our student won the  Vocal competition Best of the Best on 2018 between GEMS Schools. 

We gave a concert, dedicated to Mother’s Day in Mega Mall in 2015 and performed at Russian festival “Matryoshka” in Wafi Mall 2014.

In december 2022 we gave a beautiful performance for christmas held at Aventura park .

On January2023 Our Singers won the 1ST and 2ND place at Music young talent competition in Knowledge village , which is a biggest platform and we are proud of our singers

On march23 we participated in a biggest stage which is dubai olympic competition at Queen Elizabeth cruise , our Ballerinas Kids won the 1ST place, our senior Ballerinas won the 2ND place and our HipHop dancers won the 2ND place

On June23 we hosted a big Openday as well as Open ballet class and all the parents were invited to witness the wonderful performance of our students

Our children get highest marks on examinations of “Trinity London College” from first till eight levels and gain unique experiences and emotions.

Let’s join us!

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Al Salim Sayed Tower, HC Floor, Sharjah, 70106
Al Taawun Road, Behind Life pharmacy (Goggle Maps – Lavita Music Centre)