Art and Crafts

create a notebook of your child’s work

There are many ways to keep your child busy, but one of the creative things is a craft activity. This can help develop imagination, coordination and simply allow children to express their emotions.

Working together

Our Craft Class encourages children to take part in such activities and gives a lot of fun that children enjoy.

Spending time together in art lessons is not only a charge of positive emotions but also the joint generation of creative ideas.

Our Art Class can help your child grow and develop their creativity, problem-solving ability, communication skills, self-esteem and socio-emotional abilities, and much more. Plus, it’s a great way to expose your child to a hobby or after-school activity that might be outside of their comfort zone.

Art studies show fine motor skills, and this is the stimulation of the brain regions responsible for thinking, speech, visual and motor memory, and coordination.